Large quantities of water are required for the fracking process and trucking in fleets of road tankers is not only environmentally unsound, but expensive as well. The use of flexible hose can drastically reduce, or eliminate altogether, the emissions and environmental impact of trucks, and reduce the risk of accidental injuries to oil & gas personnel.

Super Aquaduct XLDH is the ideal solution for delivering the huge quantities of water required at the frack head and can be supplied with deployment and retrieval trailers to give a complete solution. Designed for long life and maintenance-free service in the harshest environments, Super Aquaduct is tough and durable with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting.

Once used for the fracking process, the disposal of produced and recovered water can be achieved by the use of flexible pipelines, again eliminating the use of trucks. Armourline and Dragmaster are specifically designed for this type of task. Long continuous lengths can be quickly deployed and retrieved using light duty trailers, flaking boxes or power-driven reels. High flexibility and kink resistance allow natural ground contours to be followed without unduly stressing the pipeline and eliminating path-cutting work.


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