Emergency Response

Moving water is a key aspect to the role of professional firefighters. Angus Fire the sister brand to Angus Flexible Pipelines, is the manufacturer of the world’s finest and most specifed fire hose, Duraline, which has been protecting the lives of firefighters for over 50 years.

Increasingly fire departments around the world need to move ever larger volumes of water, to either fight large industrial fires or transfer water away following natural disasters such as floods or tsunamis.

Super Aquaduct XLDH, from Angus Flexible Pipelines is available in diameters up to 300mm and can be supplied with dedicated deployment and retrieval equipment to ensure the hose can be brought into service in the quickest, most effective way possible.

For firefighting it is often used to feed high capacity monitors (up to 40,000 litres/minute) and its high operating pressure, abrasion tolerance and resistance to snaking make it ideal for the task. For flood relief, its availability in 200m lengths reduces the number of connections needed to deploy it and it can be laid across undulating terrain without the need for additional support.

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